I have been specialising in anxiety and stress management since 1992, working with individuals and groups of employees.
Pressure affects all of us in different ways. Some people thrive on it. Others feel overwhelmed by even small amounts of pressure. The ability to managing pressure is determined by the balance between our coping strategies and the levels of demands upon us.
The first priority is to reduce tension and increase self awareness of the ‘mind and body’ response to anxiety and stressful situations. The physical responses in the body are a direct result of our thoughts, feelings and emotions in any given situation.
Learning relaxation techniques and coping strategies to reduce the unpleasant physical symptoms of stress enables us to feel more in control.
When we feel less overwhelmed and more in control we are able to have a clearer perspective on the situation. Sometimes our perception of demands being made by others are not accurate or the demands are ones we put on ourselves. If the demands are unrealistic then we need to find ways of reducing the levels of pressure by making some changes in our life.
Finding a good balance between demands and our coping abilities is important if we are to survive the fast pace of life today.
Relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and induce deep relaxation and sleep are available on this website.

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