About Judy Reeves


I began my career as a nurse qualifying as a R.G.N at the Royal London Hospital. I gained experience working in the community as a school nurse, a district nurse and for nine years as a Practice Nurse in a GP practice. It was here that I became interested in stress as a health problem and in 1991 I set up and ran a stress clinic for 8 years, offering patients relaxation techniques, guidance and support. After training as a relationship counsellor with Relate I began seeing couples as well as individuals.
In 1999 I qualified as a trainer and became increasingly interested in stress in the workplace. I began working as a Stress Consultant offering consultancy and training in Stress Management to companies and organisations, large and small.

Over the years my clients have included Suffolk Social Services, West Norfolk Health Authority, Norfolk Health Authority, Norfolk District Council, North Norfolk District Council, Broadland District Council and Norfolk Education Department.

My work today is particularly focused on working with individuals, which is the most rewarding work I have ever done.



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