Book; Fast Fixes for Stress

At last, after many requests I have written Fast Fixes for Stress.
Using my years of experience from working with stressed individuals I have produced the definitive manual for busy people. Fast Fixes for Stress is written for YOU, the stressed reader. It’s not a long boring text book full of scientific facts. It’s short and easy to read. It’s direct and accessible and can be read in an hour and a half. Fast Fixes for Stress is a practical handbook with spiral binding so the pages can be left open and the manual can be folded back on itself.
The purpose of the book is to help you feel better fast. It includes tips and techniques for quickly reducing the symptoms of stress so you feel less overwhelmed and back in control. The manual includes ways to improve your resistance to stress by increasing hardiness and resilience as well as suggestions for reducing and avoiding stress to gain more balance in your life.
The manual also offers ideas and thoughts on how to make changes in how you live your life; with more pleasure and enjoyment in day to day living.

Buy online today, just £10.00 plus £2 p&p.

Buy the book and the Relaxation CD for £18.00 plus £2.00 p&p

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