How to Avoid Stress at Xmas

Xmas is such a busy time with lots of expectations. Avoid panicking by being super organised so that you can enjoy the Xmas break and not feel exhausted when Xmas eve arrives!

Make a plan;

First work out how long you have got and what you have to do within that timescale. This helps to get a perspective on the situation. Be realistic! Don’t aim for the impossible.


Decide what are the most Important and Urgent Tasks, then prioritise these.

Make a List!

Decide what you are going to do first and  how you are going to do it. Find ways of simplifying to take the pressure off yourself.

Make a start and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing things off your list! Keep going back to your list as this will help you to keep on track.

Xmas is just a couple of days in the year and should be enjoyable. Try to enjoy the shopping and preparations and  not to spoil the next couple of weeks by putting too much pressure on yourself. Be sure to get help, ask family or friends to do things where possible.

Find ways to make the tasks fun instead of being a chore. Doing things with friends or family might be more enjoyable than doing it alone. Be sure to include breaks for meals, a quick walk or chat to a friend.

Be sure to include some ‘me’ time when you relax and unwind. Maybe enjoy a long soak in the bath with lovely bath oils and candles.

Practice breathing techniques to feel calmer and back in control. (There is a breathing exercise on my website) This will recharge your batteries so you feel ready to tackle the next task on your list.

Enjoy being super organised and be encouraged and pleased when you get to the end of the list! You did it!








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