Thoughts, Emotions & Behaviour

Do you notice how negative thoughts lead to negative emotions? In the same way, positive thoughts create positive emotions.  These emotions impact on our behaviour.

Try this;

Think of going on holiday to a warm, sunny place. Visualise the sunshine, the beach, the sea and feel the warmth on your skin. Notice how these thoughts lift your mood & lighten your spirits. Now imagine losing your job, your home or a special relationship. Notice how these thoughts increase your anxiety, lower your mood and make you feel despondent or depressed.

Becoming aware of the impact of our thinking on our mood helps us to reduce and banish negative thoughts and replace them with more positive and uplifting thoughts. These in turn will improve our mood and how we behave.

Epictetus said, ‘Men are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them.’ (90AD)

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