I was the Wellbeing Consultant on the Norfolk Education Wellbeing Programme from its launch in 1999 until 2009.

Improving mental and physical wellbeing of employees is fundamental to a happy and effective workplace. If wellbeing is neglected the work environment suffers, staff become unwell and productivity can be seriously reduced. Wellbeing sessions for employees are a cost effective way of supporting staff and reducing turnover.

Wellbeing workshops

  • Relaxation for wellbeing
  • Balancing work and life
  • Wellbeing at work
  • Feeling good, working better

These sessions can be from only 40 minutes for a relaxation session, or up to a whole day workshop.
There is scope for flexibility in content and length of sessions to suit requirements.

Personal wellbeing.

Looking after oneself is not always our priority. Often we focus on our work, or our family. By reducing demands on us, finding a healthier lifestyle and creating a better balance in life we feel happier, less anxious and more in control. One to one sessions available.

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