Mindfulness is awareness and concentration. It’s when our mind is fully present and aware of what we are doing. When our mind and body are in unison our ‘chatter’ in our head stops.

Finding peace in our busy lives can be a challenge. Practicing mindfulness can bring about a calm stillness of mind and moments of happiness.

Being busy can be like driving on a motorway; focusing on where we want to get to, driving fast, overtaking, being under pressure from others, watching for signs and signals, avoiding danger, hard to slow down and impossible to stop, let alone pause.

Imagine you can drive off the motorway, away from the towns and drive until you find a small quiet lane. Find a place to park, near a field and turn off the engine. Get out of your car, walk into the field or meadow, find a nice place to spread a rug and sit down.

Look around and notice the sky, the landscape, the trees, the grass, nature all around you. Be mindful of the sounds around you. This is the real world. Breathe in deeply, savouring the fresh air. Be mindful of your body as you breathe in and out. Release tension as you breathe out.

Focus mindfully on your breathing, following each new breath in, and each new breath out. No need to think about anything else. Just focus on your next breath in, and your next breath out. Enjoy just being. Being present. This is mindfulness.

You can practice this here and there throughout your day, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Simply take your mind to your breathing and become aware of each new breath in and each new breath out. Just a few breaths can transform fear, worry and anxiety into calmness and peace.


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